Publications [#132888] of G. Allan Johnson

Papers Published
  1. WM Thompson, WC Meyers, M Shaw, M Bates, GA Johnson, LW Hedlund, Gallbladder density and iodine concentration in humans during oral cholecystography. A comparison of iopanoic acid and iopronic acid., Investigative radiology, UNITED STATES, vol. 17 no. 6 , pp. 621-8 .

    A comparison of two oral cholecystopaques, iopanoic acid (Telepaque) and iopronic acid (Oravue), was performed using normal volunteers. Using a double-blind crossover design, comparisons were made between the degree of gallbladder opacification and the amount of iodine recovered from the gallbladder. Bile was collected via a double lumen intestinal tube before, during, and after stimulating gallbladder contraction. There were no differences between the two agents in terms of opacification or iodine concentration. Only 19% of the administered dose of either agent was recovered, and the maximum iodine concentration in bile was 10 mg I/ml. The results suggest that this technique has merit for future comparative studies of agents concentrated in the gallbladder.