Publications [#174214] of G. Allan Johnson

Papers Published
  1. GA Johnson, KJ Barsuhn, JM McCall, Sulfation of minoxidil by liver sulfotransferase., Biochemical pharmacology, vol. 31 no. 18 (September, 1982), pp. 2949-54 .

    The 100,000 g supernatant fraction of rat liver homogenate contains a sulfotransferase activity which catalyzes the sulfation of minoxidil. Synthetic minoxidil N-O sulfate and the enzyme synthesized product had identical chromatographic characteristics on high pressure liquid chromatography. Minoxidil sulfate, which yields minoxidil when treated with sulfatase, was slowly hydrolyzed in water. Several N-oxides of other heterocycles, including several other pyrimidines, triazines and imidazoles, were also substrates for this sulfotransferase.