Publications [#268760] of G. Allan Johnson

Papers Published
  1. Johnson, GA; Chotas, HG; Suddarth, SA; Ziv, SB; Todd, BE, Integrated network for medical imaging research, Proceedings of Spie the International Society for Optical Engineering, vol. 1234 pt 1 (1990), pp. 159-166 .

    There are a number of generic problems that researchers in medical imaging have in common. For example, researchers in MR, CT, PET, SPECT, DSA, and digital radiography all need to display and window digital images. We describe here an integrated with tools applicable to all of the current areas of medical imaging that enable researchers at Duke to share resources and solve software and hardware problems in a unified effort. We will show examples where efforts in a specific area of imaging research can be readily applied in new ways to different imaging modalities through the facilities provided in this integrated approach. We will point out some of the problems and opportunities in the research environment that are different from those encountered in clinical PACS system.