Publications [#60344] of G. Allan Johnson

Papers Published
  1. Johnson, G.A., Shield design for lunar surface applications, AIP Conf. Proc. (USA) no. 813 (2006), pp. 701 - 6 .

    A shielding concept for lunar surface applications of nuclear power is presented herein. The reactor, primary shield, reactor equipment and power generation module are placed in a cavity in the lunar surface. Support structure and heat rejection radiator panels are on the surface, outside the cavity. The reactor power of 1,320 kWt was sized to deliver 50 kWc from a thermoelectric power conversion subsystem. The dose rate on the surface is less than 0.6 mRem/hr at 100 meters from the reactor. Unoptimized shield mass is 1,020 kg which is much lighter than a comparable π shield weighing in at 17,000 kg