Publications [#246035] of Haiyan Gao

Papers Published
  1. Zeidman, B; Abbott, D; Ahmidouch, A; Ambrozewicz, P; Armstrong, CS; Arrington, J; Asaturyan, R; Assamagan, K; Avery, S; Bailey, K; Baker, OK; Beedoe, S; Bitao, H; Breuer, H; Brown, DS; Carlini, R; Cha, J; Chant, N; Christy, E; Cochran, A; Cole, L; Collins, G; Cothran, C; Crowder, J; Cummings, WJ; Danagoulian, S; Dohrmann, F; Duncan, F; Dunne, J; Dutta, D; Eden, T; Elaasar, M; Ent, R; Ewell, L; Fenker, H; Fortune, HT; Fujii, Y; Gan, L; Gao, H; Garrow, K; Geesaman, DF; Gueye, P; Gustafsson, K et al., Electroproduction of kaons on light nuclei, Nuclear Physics A, vol. 691 no. 1-2 (2001), pp. 37c-42c .

    The A(e,e'Κ+)YX reaction on H, D, 3He, and 4He was investigated in Hall C at CE-BAF. Data were obtained for Q2 ≈ 0.35 and 0.5 GeV2 at 3.245 GeV. The missing mass spectra for both H and D are fitted with Monte-Carlo simulations incorporating peaks corresponding to Λ production on the proton and Σ production on both the proton and neutron. For D, the cross section ratio Σ0/Σ- ≈ 2, and excess yield close to the thresholds for Λ and Σ production can be attributed to final-state interactions; models are compared to the data. The analysis of the data for the He targets is in a more preliminary state with broader quasi-free peaks resulting from the higher Fermi momenta. Evidence for bound Λ-hypernuclear states is seen and other structure may be present.