Publications [#246067] of Haiyan Gao

Papers Published
  1. Crawford, CB; Sindile, A; Akdogan, T; Alarcon, R; Bertozzi, W; Booth, E; Botto, T; Calarco, J; Clasie, B; Degrush, A; Donnelly, TW; Dow, K; Dutta, D; Farkhondeh, M; Fatemi, R; Filoti, O; Franklin, W; Gao, H; Geis, E; Gilad, S; Haeberli, W; Hasell, D; Hersman, W; Holtrop, M; Karpius, P; Kohl, M; Kolster, H; Lee, T; Maschinot, A; Matthews, J; McIlhany, K; Meitanis, N; Milner, RG; Redwine, RP; Seely, J; Shinozaki, A; Širca, S; Six, E; Smith, T; Tonguc, B; Tschalaer, C; Tsentalovich, E et al., Measurement of the proton's electric to magnetic form factor ratio from H→1(e→,e′p), Physical Review Letters, vol. 98 no. 5 (2007) [doi] .

    We report the first precision measurement of the proton electric to magnetic form factor ratio from spin-dependent elastic scattering of longitudinally polarized electrons from a polarized hydrogen internal gas target. The measurement was performed at the MIT-Bates South Hall Ring over a range of four-momentum transfer squared Q2 from 0.15 to 0.65(GeV/c)2. Significantly improved results on the proton electric and magnetic form factors are obtained in combination with existing cross-section data on elastic electron-proton scattering in the same Q2 region. © 2007 The American Physical Society.