Publications [#246105] of Haiyan Gao

Papers Published
  1. Zhang, C; Kohl, M; Akdogan, T; Alarcon, R; Bertozzi, W; Booth, E; Botto, T; Calarco, JR; Clasie, B; Crawford, C; Degrush, A; Dow, K; Farkhondeh, M; Fatemi, R; Filoti, O; Franklin, W; Gao, H; Geis, E; Gilad, S; Hasell, D; Karpius, P; Kolster, H; Lee, T; Maschinot, A; Matthews, J; McIlhany, K; Meitanis, N; Milner, R; Rapaport, J; Redwine, R; Seely, J; Shinozaki, A; Sindile, A; Širca, S; Six, E; Smith, T; Tonguc, B; Tschalär, C; Tsentalovich, E; Turchinetz, W; Xiao, Y; Xu, W; Zhou, Z-L; Ziskin, V et al., Precise measurement of deuteron tensor analyzing powers with BLAST, Physical Review Letters, vol. 107 no. 25 (2011), pp. 252501 [doi] .

    We report a precision measurement of the deuteron tensor analyzing powers T 20 and T 21 at the MIT-Bates Linear Accelerator Center. Data were collected simultaneously over a momentum transfer range Q=2.15-4.50fm -1 with the Bates Large Acceptance Spectrometer Toroid using a highly polarized deuterium internal gas target. The data are in excellent agreement with calculations in a framework of effective field theory. The deuteron charge monopole and quadrupole form factors G C and G Q were separated with improved precision, and the location of the first node of G C was confirmed at Q=4.19±0.05fm -1. The new data provide a strong constraint on theoretical models in a momentum transfer range covering the minimum of T 20 and the first node of G C. © 2011 American Physical Society.