Publications [#246110] of Haiyan Gao

Papers Published
  1. Nuruzzaman, ; Dutta, D; Arrington, J; Asaturyan, R; Benmokhtar, F; Boeglin, W; Bosted, P; Bruell, A; Clasie, B; Christy, ME; Chudakov, E; Dalton, MM; Daniel, A; Day, D; Fassi, LE; Ent, R; Fenker, HC; Ferrer, J; Fomin, N; Gao, H; Garrow, K; Gaskell, D; Gray, C; Horn, T; Huber, GM; Jones, MK; Kalantarians, N; Keppel, CE; Kramer, K; Li, Y; Liang, Y; Lung, AF; Malace, S; Markowitz, P; Matsumura, A; Meekins, DG; Mertens, T; Miyoshi, T; Mkrtchyan, H; Monson, R; Navasardyan, T; Niculescu, G; Niculescu, I; Okayasu, Y; Opper, AK; Perdrisat, C; Punjabi, V; Qian, X; Rauf, AW; Rodriquez, VM; Rohe, D; Seely, J; Segbefia, E; Smith, GR; Sumihama, M; Tadevosyan, V; Tang, L; Tvaskis, V; Vulcan, WF; Wesselmann, FR; Wood, SA; Yuan, L; Zheng, XC, Nuclear transparency and effective kaon-nucleon cross section from the reaction, Physical Review C, vol. 84 no. 1 (July, 2011), pp. 015210 [doi] .

    We have determined the transparency of the nuclear medium to kaons from A(e,e′K+) measurements on C12, Cu63, and Au197 targets. The measurements were performed at the Jefferson Laboratory and span a range in four-momentum-transfer squared Q2=1.1-3.0GeV2. The nuclear transparency was defined as the ratio of measured kaon electroproduction cross sections with respect to deuterium (σA/σD). We further extracted the atomic number (A) dependence of the transparency as parametrized by T=(A/2)α-1 and, within a simple model assumption, the in-medium effective kaon-nucleon cross sections. The effective cross sections extracted from the electroproduction data were found to be smaller than the free cross sections determined from kaon-nucleon scattering experiments, and the parameter α was found to be significantly larger than those obtained from kaon-nucleus scattering. We have included similar comparisons between pion- and proton-nucleon effective cross sections as determined from electron-scattering experiments and pion-nucleus and proton-nucleus scattering data. © 2011 American Physical Society.