Publications [#246127] of Haiyan Gao

Papers Published
  1. Hamilton, DJ; Mamyan, VH; Aniol, KA; Annand, JRM; Bertin, PY; Bimbot, L; Bosted, P; Calarco, JR; Camsonne, A; Chang, GC; Chang, T-H; Chen, J-P; Choi, S; Chudakov, E; Danagoulian, A; Degtyarenko, P; Jager, CWD; Deur, A; Dutta, D; Egiyan, K; Gao, H; Garibaldi, F; Gayou, O; Gilman, R; Glamazdin, A; Glashausser, C; Gomez, J; Hansen, J-O; Hayes, D; Higinbotham, D; Hinton, W; Horn, T; Howell, C; Hunyady, T; Hyde-Wright, CE; Jiang, X; Jones, MK; Khandaker, M; Ketikyan, A; Kubarovsky, V; Kramer, K et al., Polarization transfer in proton compton scattering at high momentum transfer, Physical Review Letters, vol. 94 no. 24 (2005), pp. 242001 [doi] .

    Compton scattering from the proton was investigated at s=6.9GeV2 and t=-4.0GeV2 via polarization transfer from circularly polarized incident photons. The longitudinal and transverse components of the recoil proton polarization were measured. The results are in disagreement with a prediction of perturbative QCD based on a two-gluon exchange mechanism, but agree well with a prediction based on a reaction mechanism in which the photon interacts with a single quark carrying the spin of the proton. © 2005 The American Physical Society.