Publications [#246135] of Haiyan Gao

Papers Published
  1. with Laveissière, G; Degrande, N; Jaminion, S; Jutier, C; Todor, L; Salvo, RD; Hoorebeke, LV; Alexa, LC; Anderson, BD; Aniol, KA; Arundell, K; Audit, G; Auerbach, L; Baker, FT; Baylac, M; Berthot, J; Bertin, PY; Bertozzi, W; Bimbot, L; Boeglin, WU; Brash, EJ; Breton, V; Breuer, H; Burtin, E; Calarco, JR; Cardman, LS; Cavata, C; Chang, C-C; Chen, J-P; Chudakov, E; Cisbani, E; Dale, DS; Jager, CWD; Leo, RD; Deur, A; d'Hose, N; Dodge, GE; Domingo, JJ; Elouadrhiri, L; Epstein, MB; Ewell, LA; Finn, JM et al., Backward electroproduction of π0 mesons on protons in the region of nucleon resonances at four momentum transfer squared Q2=1.0 GeV2, Physical Review C, vol. 69 no. 4 (2004), pp. 045203-1-045203-15 [doi] .

    Exclusive electroproduction of π0 mesons on protons in the backward hemisphere has been studied at Q2 = 1.0 GeV2 by detecting protons in the forward direction in coincidence with scattered electrons from the 4 GeV electron beam in Jefferson Lab's Hall A. The data span the range of the total (γ*p) center-of-mass energy W from the pion production threshold to W=2.0 GeV. The differential cross sections σT+ εσL, σTL, and σTT were separated from the azimuthal distribution and are presented together with the MAID and SAID parametrizations.