Publications [#246150] of Haiyan Gao

Papers Published
  1. with Schulte, EC; Afanasev, A; Amarian, M; Aniol, K; Becher, S; Benslama, K; Bimbot, L; Bosted, P; Brash, E; Calarco, J; Chai, Z; Chang, C; Chang, T; Chen, JP; Choi, S; Chudakov, E; Churchwell, S; Crovelli, D; Dieterich, S; Dumalski, S; Dutta, D; Epstein, M; Fissum, K; Fox, B; Frullani, S; Gao, H; Gao, J; Garibaldi, F; Gayou, O; Gilman, R; Glamazdin, A; Glashausser, C; Gomez, J; Gorbenko, V; Hansen, J-O; Holt, RJ; Hovdebo, J; Huber, GM; Jager, CWD; Jiang, X; Jones, C; Jones, MK; Kelly, J; Kinney, E et al., High energy angular distribution measurements of the exclusive deuteron photodisintegration reaction, Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics, vol. 66 no. 4 (2002), pp. 422011-422015 [Gateway.cgi], [doi] .

    The first complete measurements of the angular distributions of the two-body deuteron photodisintegration differential cross section at photon energies above 1.6 GeV were performed at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility. The results show a persistent forward-backward asymmetry up to Eγ = 2.4 GeV, the highest-energy measured in this experiment. The Hard Rescattering and the Quark-Gluon string models are in fair agreement with the results.