Publications [#246155] of Haiyan Gao

Papers Published
  1. Ye, Q; Gao, H; Zheng, W; Dutta, D; Dubose, F; Golub, R; Huffman, P; Swank, C; Korobkina, E, Relaxation of spin-polarized H3 e in mixtures of H3 e and H4 e at about 330 mK, Physical Review A, vol. 80 no. 2 (2009), pp. 023403 [doi] .

    We report the measurements of depolarization probabilities of polarized H3 e in a rectangular acrylic cell with a deuterated tetraphenyl butadiene-doped deuterated polystyrene coating filled with superfluid H4 e at ∼330mK with a magnetic holding field of ∼7.3G. We achieve a wall depolarization probability of ∼1.0× 10-7. Such a surface will find application in a new experiment searching for the neutron electric dipole moment and other applications. © 2009 The American Physical Society.