Publications [#246156] of Haiyan Gao

Papers Published
  1. Horn, T; Qian, X; Arrington, J; Asaturyan, R; Benmokthar, F; Boeglin, W; Bosted, P; Bruell, A; Christy, ME; Chudakov, E; Clasie, B; Dalton, MM; Daniel, A; Day, D; Dutta, D; El Fassi, L; Ent, R; Fenker, H; Ferrer, J; Fomin, N; Gao, H; Garrow, K; Gaskell, D; Gray, C; Huber, GM; Jones, MK; Kalantarians, N; Keppel, CE; Kramer, K; Li, Y; Liang, Y; Lung, AF; Malace, S; Markowitz, P; Matsumura, A; Meekins, D; Mertens, T; Miyoshi, T; Mkrtchyan, H; Monson, R; Navasardyan, T; Niculescu, G; Niculescu, I; Okayasu, Y; Opper, AK; Perdrisat, C; Punjabi, V; Rauf, AW; Rodriguez, V; Rohe, D; Seely, J; Segbefia, E; Smith, GR; Sumihama, M; Tadevosyan, V; Tang, LG; Tvaskis, V; Villano, A; Vulcan, W; Wesselmann, FR; Wood, SA; Yuan, L; Zheng, XC, Scaling study of the pion electroproduction cross sections, Physical Review C, vol. 78 no. 5 (November, 2008), pp. 058201 [doi] .

    The 1H(e,e'π+)n cross section was measured for arange of four-momentum transfer up to Q2=3.91 GeV2 at values of the invariant mass W above the resonance region. The Q2 dependence of the longitudinal component was found to be consistent with the Q2-scaling prediction for hard exclusive processes. This suggests that the QCD factorization theorem is applicable at rather low values of Q2. The transverse term falls off slower than the naive Q-8 expectation and remains appreciable even at Q2=3.91 GeV2. © 2008 The American Physical Society.