Publications [#246157] of Haiyan Gao

Papers Published
  1. Solvignon, P; Liyanage, N; Chen, J-P; Choi, S; Aniol, K; Averett, T; Boeglin, W; Camsonne, A; Cates, GD; Chang, CC; Chudakov, E; Craver, B; Cusanno, F; Deur, A; Dutta, D; Ent, R; Feuerbach, R; Frullani, S; Gao, H; Garibaldi, F; Gilman, R; Glashausser, C; Gorbenko, V; Hansen, O; Higinbotham, DW; Ibrahim, H; Jiang, X; Jones, M; Kelleher, A; Kelly, J; Keppel, C; Kim, W; Korsch, W; Kramer, K; Kumbartzki, G; Lerose, JJ; Lindgren, R; Ma, B; Margaziotis, DJ; Markowitz, P; McCormick, K; Meziani, Z-E et al., Quark-hadron fuality in neutron (He3) spin structure, Physical Review Letters, vol. 101 no. 18 (2008), pp. 182502 [doi] .

    We present experimental results of the first high-precision test of quark-hadron duality in the spin-structure function g1 of the neutron and He3 using a polarized He3 target in the four-momentum-transfer-squared range from 0.7 to 4.0(GeV/c)2. Global duality is observed for the spin-structure function g1 down to at least Q2=1.8(GeV/c)2 in both targets. We have also formed the photon-nucleon asymmetry A1 in the resonance region for He3 and found no strong Q2 dependence above 2.2(GeV/c)2. © 2008 The American Physical Society.