Publications [#246158] of Haiyan Gao

Papers Published
  1. Ye, Q; Dutta, D; Gao, H; Kramer, K; Qian, X; Zong, X; Hannelius, L; McKeown, RD; Heyburn, B; Singer, S; Golub, R; Korobkina, E, Relaxation of spin polarized H3 e in mixtures of H3 e and H4 e below the H4 e lambda point, Physical Review A, vol. 77 no. 5 (2008), pp. 053408 [doi] .

    We report a first study of the depolarization behavior of spin polarized H3 e in a mixture of H3 e- H4 e at a temperature below the H4 e λ point in a deuterated tetraphenyl butadiene-doped deuterated polystyrene (dTPB-dPS) coated acrylic cell. In our experiment the measured H3 e relaxation time is due to the convolution of the H3 e longitudinal relaxation time, T1, and the diffusion time constant of H3 e in superfluid H4 e since depolarization takes place on the walls. We have obtained a H3 e relaxation time of ∼3000s at a temperature around 1.9 K. We have shown that it is possible to achieve values of wall depolarization probability on the order of (1-2) × 10-7 for polarized H3 e in the superfluid H4 e from a dTPB-dPS coated acrylic surface. © 2008 The American Physical Society.