Publications [#246178] of Haiyan Gao

Papers Published
  1. Belz, JE; Potterveld, DH; Anthony, P; Arnold, RG; Arrington, J; Beck, D; Beise, EJ; Bosted, PE; Bulten, HJ; Chapman, MS; Coulter, KP; Dietrich, F; Ent, R; Epstein, M; Filippone, BW; Gao, H-Y; Geesaman, DF; Hansen, J-O; Holt, RJ; H, , 2-body photodisintegration of the deuteron up to 2.8 gev, Physical Review Letters, vol. 74 no. 5 (January, 1995), pp. 646-649 .

    Measurements were performed for the photodisintegration cross section of the deuteron for photon energies from 1.6 to 2.8 GeV and center-of-mass angles from 37° to 90°. The measured energy dependence of the cross section at θc.m. = 90° is in agreement with the constituent counting rules.