Publications [#246182] of Haiyan Gao

Papers Published
  1. Arrington, J; Anthony, P; Arnold, RG; Beise, EJ; Belz, JE; Bosted, PE; Bulten, HJ; Chapman, MS; Coulter, KP; Dietrich, F; Ent, R; Epstein, M; Filippone, BW; Gao, H; Gearhart, RA; Geesama, DF, Inclusive electron scattering from nuclei at x similar or equal to 1, Physical Review C, vol. 53 no. 5 (May, 1996), pp. 2248-2251 [doi] .

    The inclusive A(e,e′) cross section for x≃1 was measured on 2H, C, Fe, and Au for momentum transfers Q2 from 1 to 6.8 (GeV/c)2. The scaling behavior of the data was examined in the region of transition from y scaling to x scaling. Throughout this transitional region, the data exhibit ξ scaling, reminiscent of the Bloom-Gilman duality seen in free nucleon scattering.