Publications [#246183] of Haiyan Gao

Papers Published
  1. with Abbott, D; Ahmidouch, A; Amatuni, TA; Armstrong, C; Arrington, J; Assamagan, KA; Bailey, K; Baker, OK; Barrow, S; Beard, K; Beatty, D; Beedoe, S; Beise, E; Belz, E; Bochna, C; Breuer, H; Bruins, EEW; Carlini, R; Cha, J; Chant, N; Cothran, C; Cummings, WJ; Danagoulian, S; Day, D; DeSchepper, D; Ducret, J-E; Duncan, F; Dunne, J; Dutta, D; Eden, T; Ent, R; Fortune, HT; Frolov, V; Geesaman, DF; Gao, H; Gilman, R; Guèye, P; Hansen, JO; Hinton, W; Holt, RJ; Jackson, C; Jackson, HE; Jones, CE; Kaufman, S; Kelly, JJ; Keppel, C; Khandaker, M; Kim, W; Kinney, E; Klein, A; Koltenuk, D; Kramer, L; Lorenzon, W; McFarlane, K; Mack, DJ; Madey, R; Markowitz, P; Martin, J; Mateos, A; Meekins, D; Miller, MA; Milner, R; Mitchell, J; Mohring, R; Mkrtchyan, H; Nathan, AM; Niculescu, G; Niculescu, I; O'Neill, TG; Potterveld, D; Price, JW; Reinhold, J; Salgado, C; Schiffer, JP; Segel, RE; Stoler, P; Suleiman, R; Tadevosyan, V; Tang, L; Terburg, B; van Westrum, D; Welch, P; Williamson, C; Wood, S; Yan, C; Yang, J-C; Yu, J; Zeidman, B; Zhao, W; Zihlmann, B, Quasifree Reactions and Proton Propagation in Nuclei, Physical Review Letters, vol. 80 no. 23 (June, 1998), pp. 5072-5076 [doi] .

    The (e, e′p) reaction was studied on targets of C, Fe, and Au at momentum transfers squared Q2 of 0.6, 1.3, 1.8, and 3.3 GeV2 in a region of kinematics dominated by quasifree electron-proton scattering. Missing energy and missing momentum distributions are reasonably well described by plane wave impulse approximation calculations with Q2 and A dependent corrections that measure the attenuation of the final state protons.