Publications [#246197] of Haiyan Gao

Papers Published
  1. with Amarian, M; Auerbach, L; Averett, T; Berthot, J; Bertin, P; Bertozzi, B; Black, T; Brash, E; Brown, D; Burtin, E; Calarco, J; Cates, G; Chai, Z; Chen, J-P; Choi, S; Chudakov, E; Cisbani, E; Jager, CWD; Deur, A; DiSalvo, R; Dieterich, S; Djawotho, P; Finn, M; Fissum, K; Fonvieille, H; Frullani, S; Gao, H; Gao, J; Garibaldi, F; Gasparian, A; Gilad, S; Gilman, R; Glamazdin, A; Glashausser, C; Goldberg, E; Gomez, J; Gorbenko, V; Hansen, J-O; Hersman, B; Holmes, R; Huber, GM; Hughes, E; Humensky, B et al., Q2 Evolution of the Neutron Spin Structure Moments using a 3He Target, Physical Review Letters, vol. 92 no. 2 (2004), pp. 223011-223015 [Gateway.cgi], [doi] .

    The determination of Q2 evolution of the neutron spin structure by 3He in a double spin experiment was discussed. Measurements of spin structure functions g1 and g2 in deep inelastic lepton scattering (DIS) were used to unravel the spin structure of the nucleon. The Burkhardt-Cottingham sum rule for the neutron was verified within errors in the intermediate range of Q2 due to cancellation between the resonance and the elastic contributions. Results suggests a positive contribution of the resonance region up to Q2=1 GeV2.