Publications [#287610] of Haiyan Gao

Papers Published
  1. Zheng, W; Gao, H; Lalremruata, B; Zhang, Y; Laskaris, G; Snow, WM; Fu, CB, Search for spin-dependent short-range force between nucleons using optically polarized He3 gas, Physical Review D, vol. 85 no. 3 (2012) [doi] .

    We propose a new method to detect short-range P- and T-violating interactions between nucleons, based on measuring the precession frequency shift of polarized He3 nuclei in the presence of an unpolarized mass. To maximize the sensitivity, a high-pressure He3 cell with thin glass windows (250μm) is used to minimize the distance between the mass and He3. The magnetic field fluctuation is suppressed by using the He3 gas in a different region of the cell as a magnetometer. Systematic uncertainties from the magnetic properties of the mass are suppressed by flipping both the magnetic field and spin directions. Without any magnetic shielding, our result has already reached the sensitivity of the current best limit. With improvement in uniformity and stability of the field, we can further improve the sensitivity by 2 orders of magnitude over the force range from 10 -4-10 -2m. © 2012 American Physical Society.