Publications [#304547] of Haiyan Gao

Papers Published
  1. Wijesooriya, K; Afanasev, A; Amarian, M; Aniol, K; Becher, S; Benslama, K; Bimbot, L; Bosted, P; Brash, E; Calarco, J; Chai, Z; Chang, CC; Chang, T; Chert, JP; Choi, S; Chudakov, E; Churchwell, S; Crovelli, D; Dieterich, S; Dumalski, S; Dutta, D; Epstein, M; Fissum, K; Fox, B; Frullani, S; Gao, H; Gao, J; Garibaldi, F; Gayou, O; Gilman, R; Glamazdin, S; Glashausser, C; Gomez, J; Gorbenko, V; Hansen, O; Holt, RJ; Hovdebo, J; Huber, GM; Jager, CWD; Jiang, X; Jones, C; Jones, MK; Kelly, J et al., Polarization measurements in high-energy deuteron photodisintegration, Physical Review Letters, vol. 86 no. 14 (2001), pp. 2975-2979 [doi] .

    The hadron helicity conservation (HHC) is tested in a photoreaction in a kinematic region. HHC arises when vector interactions, photon or gluon coupling with the quarks, conserve chiralty which leads to the conservation of the sum of the components of the hadronic spins along their respective momentum directions. The recoil proton polarization for photon energies is investigated. The polarization transfer with circularly polarized photons is analyzed.