Publications [#246281] of Daniel J Gauthier

Papers Published
  1. Cohen, SD; Aragoneses, A; Rontani, D; Torrent, MC; Masoller, C; Gauthier, DJ, Multidimensional subwavelength position sensing using a semiconductor laser with optical feedback., Optics Letters, vol. 38 no. 21 (November, 2013), pp. 4331-4334 [pdf], [doi] .

    We demonstrate experimentally how to harness quasi-periodic dynamics in a semiconductor laser with dual optical feedback for measuring subwavelength changes in each arm of the cavity simultaneously. We exploit the multifrequency spectrum of quasi-periodic dynamics and show that independent frequency shifts are mapped uniquely to two-dimensional displacements of the arms in the external cavity. Considering a laser diode operating at telecommunication wavelength λ≈1550 nm, we achieve an average nanoscale resolution of approximately 9.8 nm (~λ/160).