Publications [#246362] of Daniel J Gauthier

Papers Published
  1. Sukow, DW; Gauthier, DJ, Suppression and entrainment of power-dropout events in external-cavity semiconductor lasers, Conference on Quantum Electronics and Laser Science (QELS) - Technical Digest Series, vol. 12 (1997), pp. 181-182 .

    The possibility of regulating the instability known as low-frequency fluctuations (LFF) was demonstrated by perturbing the current injected into the laser. LFF occurs when a semiconductor laser is subjected to weak or moderate feedback from a distant reflector, and it appears as irregular, spontaneous dropouts in the laser intensity. The dynamics of LFF are exceptionally complex, occurring on widely disparate time scales: the interval between dropouts can be milliseconds, the dropouts themselves have widths of approximately 50 nanoseconds, and the laser emits an erratic train of pulses of approximately 100 ps width.