Publications [#246365] of Daniel J Gauthier

Papers Published
  1. Brown, WJ; Pfister, O; Gauthier, DJ, New mechanism for continuous-wave two-photon amplification, Technical Digest - European Quantum Electronics Conference (1998), pp. 200-201 .

    A probe-laser beam is amplified using a laser-driven, high-density potassium atomic beam in the presence of a weak magnetic field. Two σ+-polarized beams tuned near the 4S1/2-4P1/2 transition form an electromagnetically induced trapped state by optically pumping the atoms in the 4S1/2 state. Two-photon amplification of the z-polarized probe beam occurs when the atom makes a transition from the 4S1/2 trapped state to the 4S1/2 state in the presence of a σ--polarized pump-beam. In this two-photon Raman process, two photons are annihilated and two z-polarized probe photons are created. Analysis of the quantum pathways reveals that they add constructively, whereas other geometries or laser beam polarizations can lead to destructive interference between pathways.