Publications [#246373] of Daniel J Gauthier

Papers Published
  1. Cohen, SD; Rontani, D; Gauthier, DJ, Ultra-high-frequency piecewise-linear chaos using delayed feedback loops., Chaos, vol. 22 no. 4 (December, 2012), pp. 043112 [23278047], [doi] .

    We report on an ultra-high-frequency (>1 GHz), piecewise-linear chaotic system designed from low-cost, commercially available electronic components. The system is composed of two electronic time-delayed feedback loops: A primary analog loop with a variable gain that produces multi-mode oscillations centered around 2 GHz and a secondary loop that switches the variable gain between two different values by means of a digital-like signal. We demonstrate experimentally and numerically that such an approach allows for the simultaneous generation of analog and digital chaos, where the digital chaos can be used to partition the system's attractor, forming the foundation for a symbolic dynamics with potential applications in noise-resilient communications and radar.