Publications [#246397] of Daniel J Gauthier

Papers Published
  1. Zhang, R; Zhu, Y; Wang, J; Gauthier, DJ, Slow light with a swept-frequency source., Optics Express, vol. 18 no. 26 (December, 2010), pp. 27263-27269 [21197004] .

    ct: We introduce a new concept for stimulated-Brillouin-scattering-based slow light in optical fibers that is applicable for broadly-tunable frequency-swept sources. It allows slow light to be achieved, in principle, over the entire transparency window of the optical fiber. We demonstrate a slow light delay of 10 ns at 1.55 μm using a 10-m-long photonic crystal fiber with a source sweep rate of 400 MHz/μs and a pump power of 200 mW. We also show that there exists a maximal delay obtainable by this method, which is set by the SBS threshold, independent of sweep rate. For our fiber with optimum length, this maximum delay is ~38 ns, obtained for a pump power of 760 mW.