Publications [#246444] of Daniel J Gauthier

Papers Published
  1. Gauthier, D, Slow light brings faster communications, Physics World, vol. 18 no. 12 (2005), pp. 30-32 .

    Researchers have significantly managed to reduce the speed of light in an optical fibre, which could open the door to all-optical routers for telecommunication. Routers switch pulses of light from one fibre to another, ending up at the correct destination. Now they are converting optical into electrical pulses, perform the switching operation and then convert the electrical signals back into the optical pulse. The main difficulty in designing a all-optical router is to find a way to temporarily store or buffer the packets of information. A optical data regenerator device uses slow light to create a stream of optical data pulses that will be distorted after traveling a long distance along an optical fibre.