Publications [#246481] of Daniel J Gauthier

Papers Published
  1. Concannon, HM; Brown, WJ; Gardner, JR; Gauthier, DJ, Observation of large continuous-wave two-photon optical amplification, Physical Review A, vol. 56 no. 2 (August, 1997), pp. 1519-1523 [doi] .

    We observe 30% two-photon optical amplification of a probe laser-field propagating through a laser-pumped potassium vapor. This amplification is spectrally isolated and substantially larger than that of previously reported continuous-wave two-photon amplifiers. The combination of large amplification and spectral isolation of the two-photon gain feature will greatly facilitate precise studies of the photon statistics of this highly nonlinear quantum amplifier and the development and characterization of a two-photon laser based on this gain medium. We also observe spectrally-distinct three-photon amplification (∼5%) in the same system under different experimental conditions. We present a simple model of the interaction that gives qualitative agreement with our observations and explains the dependence of the two-photon gain on the various system parameters. This model predicts that the size of the two-photon gain is quite sensitive to an interference between two different quantum pathways.