Publications [#246484] of Daniel J Gauthier

Papers Published
  1. Krasinski, J; Gauthier, DJ; Malcuit, MS; Boyd, RW, 2-photon conical emission, Optics Communications, vol. 54 no. 4 (1985), pp. 241-245 .

    A two-photon resonantly enhanced four-wave mixing (FWM) process leading to the conical emission of two new frequency components has been observed in atomic sodium vapor. A dye laser tuned close to the 3s → 3d two-photon allowed transition produces broad-band emission near the frequencies of the 3d → 3p and 3p → 3s transitions. This radiation is emitted in the forward direction in the form of cones surrounding the transmitted laser beam. The dependence of the cone angle on the emission wavelength and atomic number density is in excellent agreement with the predictions of a model that ascribes the origin of the conical emission to a phase-matched four-wave mixing process. © 1985.