Publications [#245880] of Glenn S. Edwards

Papers Published
  1. Palmer, RA; Smith, GD; Litvinenko, VN; Edwards, G, Fourier transform infrared picosecond time-resolved spectroscopy with a UV free electron laser pump and synchrotron IR probe, Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering, vol. 3775 (1999), pp. 137-144 .

    The development of the capability for sub-nanosecond time-resolved infrared spectroscopy, combining the broad spectral bandwidth and other well-established advantages of Fourier transform interferometry with the high power, high repetition rate and wide tunability of an electron storage ring-based UV free-electron laser pump, along with the broadband, pulsed, featureless IR continuum of synchrotron radiation from the same storage ring as a probe, is described. The capabilities of the system compared to other alternatives for fast, time-resolved infrared spectroscopy are discussed.