Publications [#245891] of Glenn S. Edwards

Papers Published
  1. Edwards, GS; Austin, RH; Carroll, FE; Copeland, ML; Couprie, ME; Gabella, WE; Haglund, RF; Hooper, BA; Hutson, MS; Jansen, ED; Joos, KM; Kiehart, DP; Lindau, I; Miao, J; Pratisto, HS; Shen, JH; Tokutake, Y; van der Meer, AFG; Xie, A, Free-electron-laser-based biophysical and biomedical instrumentation, Review of Scientific Instruments, vol. 74 no. 7 (July, 2003), pp. 3207-3245 [doi] .

    A survey of biophysical and biomedical applications of free-electron lasers (FEL) was discussed. It was found that the midinfrared SCA FEL and UV FELs based on storage rings were useful for one- and two-color spectroscopic investigations of biophysical proesses. The light source capabilities of FEL which include combinations of wavelength ranges and pulse structures were also elaborated.