Publications [#245923] of Glenn S. Edwards

Papers Published
  1. Powell, JW; Edwards, GS; Genzel, L; Kremer, F; Wittlin, A; Kubasek, W; Peticolas, W, Investigation of far-infrared vibrational modes in polynucleotides, Physical Review A, vol. 35 no. 9 (1987), pp. 3929-3939 [doi] .

    Far-infrared measurements (40500 cm-1) of vacuum-dried, free-standing, unoriented films of the polynucleotides poly(dA)poly(dT), poly(dA-dT)poly(dA-dT) , and poly(dG)poly(dC) and the ribonucleotide poly(rA)poly(rU) under various salting conditions are reported. Spectral features that depend on temperature, crystallinity, and salting conditions have been observed. Of most interest are four sharp bands near 63, 83, 100, and 110 cm-1 in polycrystalline poly(dA)poly(dT). These low-frequency (<240 cm-1) observations are discussed in terms of a lattice-dynamical model of homopolymer DNA. © 1987 The American Physical Society.