Publications [#245933] of Glenn S. Edwards

Papers Published
  1. Edwards, G; Engh, D; Kozub, J; Williams, R, Infrared dynamics of collagen, microtubules, and water: Biophysical research enabling biomedical FEL applications, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms, vol. 144 no. 1-4 (1998), pp. 260-264 .

    Experimental evidence is presented for FEL induced photothermal protein chemistry and FEL modulation of microtubule dynamics. These findings are discussed in terms of previous investigations of FEL tissue ablation to explore the importance of the micropulse structure of the Mark-III FEL. We propose various roles for localized heating in FEL modulation of the dynamics of biological macromolecules. Potential medical applications are described. © 1998 Published by Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved.