Publications [#327612] of Alfred T. Goshaw

Papers Published
  1. Aaltonen, T; Amerio, S; Amidei, D; Anastassov, A; Annovi, A; Antos, J; Apollinari, G; Appel, JA; Arisawa, T; Artikov, A; Asaadi, J; Ashmanskas, W; Auerbach, B; Aurisano, A; Azfar, F; Badgett, W; Bae, T; Barbaro-Galtieri, A; Barnes, VE; Barnett, BA; Barria, P; Bartos, P; Bauce, M; Bedeschi, F; Behari, S; Bellettini, G; Bellinger, J; Benjamin, D; Beretvas, A; Bhatti, A; Bland, KR; Blumenfeld, B; Bocci, A; Bodek, A; Bortoletto, D; Boudreau, J; Boveia, A; Brigliadori, L; Bromberg, C; Brucken, E et al., Measurements of direct CP-violating asymmetries in charmless decays of bottom baryons., Physical Review Letters, vol. 113 no. 24 (December, 2014), pp. 242001 [doi] .

    We report final measurements of direct CP-violating asymmetries in charmless decays of neutral bottom hadrons to pairs of charged hadrons with the upgraded Collider Detector at the Fermilab Tevatron. Using the complete √s=1.96  TeV proton-antiproton collisions data set, corresponding to 9.3  fb⁻¹ of integrated luminosity, we measure A(Λ(b)⁰→pπ⁻)=+0.06±0.07(stat)±0.03(syst) and A(Λ(b)⁰→pK⁻)=-0.10±0.08(stat)±0.04(syst), compatible with no asymmetry. In addition we measure the CP-violating asymmetries in B(s)⁰→K⁻π⁺ and B⁰→K⁺π⁻ decays to be A(B(s)⁰→K⁻π⁺)=+0.22±0.07(stat)±0.02(syst) and A(B⁰→K⁺π⁻)=-0.083±0.013(stat)±0.004(syst), respectively, which are significantly different from zero and consistent with current world averages.