Publications [#246579] of Bobby D Guenther

Papers Published
  1. Khoo, IC; Shih, M-Y; Wood, MV; Guenther, BD; Chen, PH; Simoni, F; Slussarenko, SS; Francescangeli, O; Lucchetti, L, Dye-doped photorefractive liquid crystals for dynamic and storage holographic grating formation and spatial light modulation, Proc. IEEE (USA), vol. 87 no. 11 (1999), pp. 1897-1911 [5.796353], [doi] .

    The basic mechanisms of photo-induced space charge field formation, director axis re-orientation, and refractive index changes in fullerene C60- and dye-doped nematic liquid crystals films are presented. In particular, in aligned methyl-red-doped nematic liquid crystal film, we observe a nonlinear index change coefficient as high as 10 cm2/W, associated with purely optically induced liquid crystal director axis re-orientation. Experimental observations of dynamic and high-resolution storage holographic grating formation, two beam coupling with gain of nearly 3000 cm-1, optical limiting action at nanowatt cw laser power, and incoherent-coherent image conversion at μW/cm2 light intensity level are discussed