Publications [#246607] of Bobby D Guenther

Papers Published
  1. Phillips, PJ; von Ramm, OT; Swartz, JC; Guenther, BD, Optical transducer for reception of ultrasonic waves., The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, vol. 93 no. 2 (February, 1993), pp. 1182-1191 [8445122] .

    A new optical transducer for the detection of acoustic pressure in the diagnostic ultrasound frequency range is described. This transducer is based on the modulation of an evanescent light field by the incident acoustic energy. Theoretical design considerations are presented for the purpose of developing the most sensitive transducer. Based on these considerations an experimental transducer was constructed. Although less sensitive than predicted this device was capable of transducing ultrasonic pulses with a 1.0-MHz center frequency at diagnostic ultrasound amplitude levels. The techniques developed here are applicable for two-dimensional transduction and may prove a viable alternative to piezoelectric array transducers.