Publications [#61507] of Bobby D Guenther

Papers Published
  1. Khoo, I.C. and Wood, M.V. and Guenther, B.D., Liquid crystals for fast infrared laser switching and optical limiting application, Materials for Optical Limiting II. Symposium (1998), pp. 229 - 34 .

    We present the results of several experimental studies of infrared [IR] nonlinear optical responses of aligned nematic liquid crystals, including laser induced molecular reorientation, density-, thermal- and order paramter-changes, optical wave mixing, beam amplification, and interface switching effects. Using lasers in the near-IR [1.55 μm], mid-IR [5 μm] and IR [10.6 μm] spectral regime, the potentials for nonlinear optical applications with CW, millisecond to microsecond lasers are explored