Publications [#245121] of Harold U. Baranger

Papers Published
  1. Liu, R; Ke, S-H; Baranger, HU; Yang, W, Organometallic spintronics: dicobaltocene switch., Nano Letters, vol. 5 no. 10 (October, 2005), pp. 1959-1962 [16218717], [doi] .

    A single-molecule spintronic switch and spin valve using two cobaltocene moieties is proposed. Spin-dependent transport through a lead-molecule-lead junction has been calculated using first-principles density functional and nonequilibrium Green function methods. We find that the antiparallel (singlet) configuration of the cobaltocene spins blocks electron transport near the Fermi energy, while the spin parallel (triplet) configuration enables much higher current. The energy difierence between the antiparallel and parallel states depends on the insulating spacer separating the two cobaltocenes, allowing switching through the application of a moderate magnetic field.