Publications [#245134] of Harold U. Baranger

Papers Published
  1. Ullmo, D; Baranger, HU; Richter, K; von Oppen, F; Jalabert, RA, Chaos and Interacting Electrons in Ballistic Quantum Dots, Physical Review Letters, vol. 80 no. 5 (February, 1998), pp. 895-899 [doi] .

    We show that the classical dynamics of independent particles can determine the quantum properties of interacting electrons in the ballistic regime. This connection is established using diagrammatic perturbation theory and semiclassical finite-temperature Green functions. Specifically, the orbital magnetism is greatly enhanced by the combined effects of interactions and finite size. The presence of families of periodic orbits in regular systems makes their susceptibility parametrically larger than that of chaotic systems, a difference which emerges from correlation terms.