Publications [#303706] of Hugh Robinson

Papers Published
  1. Knappe, S; Gerginov, V; Schwindt, PDD; Shah, V; Robinson, HG; Hollberg, L; Kitching, J, Atomic vapor cells for chip-scale atomic clocks with improved long-term frequency stability, Optics Letters, vol. 30 no. 18 (January, 2013), pp. 2351-2353, OPTICAL SOC AMER .

    {A novel technique for microfabricating alkali atom vapor cells is described in which alkali atoms are evaporated into a micromachined cell cavity through a glass nozzle. A cell of interior volume 1 mm(3), containing Rb-87 and a buffer gas, was made in this way and integrated into an atomic clock based on coherent population trapping. A fractional frequency instability of 6 x 10(-12) at 1000 s of integration was measured. The long-term drift of the F = 1, m(F) = 0 -> F = 2, m(F) = 0 hyperfine frequency of atoms in these cells is below 5 x 10(-11)/day.}