Publications [#268573] of James T. Dobbins

Papers Published
  1. Hasegawa, BH; III, JTD; Naimuddin, S; Mistretta, CA; Peppler, WW; Lysel, MSV; Cusma, JT; Lancaster, JC; Hoffman, P; Lee, C-S; Molloi, S; Hangiandreou, N; Kudva, BV; Melbye, KM, DESIGN OF A DIGITAL BEAM ATTENUATOR SYSTEM FOR CHEST RADIOGRAPHY., Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering, vol. 535 (1985), pp. 332-339 .

    The authors have been testing a digital beam attenuator (DBA) system for fabricating patient-specific compensating filters to improve image quality in chest radiography. At present, the technique is limited by a 2 hour attenuator fabrication time and a 2 mR exposure used to acquire an initial image from which the attenutor is designed. They now are developing an improved DBA system capable of generating, in a few seconds, patient-specific compensating filters for clinical chest radiography. The initial image will be acquired at less than 1 mR of skin exposure using an intensifying screen viewed by a low light-level television camera. Image processing including scatter and beam-hardening corrections generate a 64 multiplied by 64 matrix of values from which the attenuator is fabricated. After the attenuator is positioned automatically in the x-ray beam, a final image will be acquired directly on film.