Publications [#268609] of James T. Dobbins

Papers Published
  1. Chotas, HG; Floyd, CE; Dobbins, JT; Lo, JY; Ravin, CE, Scatter fractions in AMBER imaging., Radiology, vol. 177 no. 3 (December, 1990), pp. 879-880 [2244003], [doi] .

    Images of two phantoms were obtained with use of an advanced multiple-beam equalization radiography system, and scatter fractions were estimated with use of a photostimulable phosphor imaging system. Scatter fractions in the equalized images were lower in the mediastinum-equivalent areas and higher in the lung-equivalent areas, relative to images that were conventionally acquired with use of an antiscatter grid. The differences are attributed to a reduction in incident exposure in the lungs and the presence of cross-scatter between lung and mediastinal regions.