Publications [#64051] of James T. Dobbins

Papers Published
  1. Hasegawa, Bruce H. and Dobbins, James T. III and Naimuddin, Shaikh and Mistretta, Charles A. and Peppler, Walter W. and Van Lysel, Michael S. and Cusma, Jack T. and Lancaster, Jerome C. and Hoffman, Perry and Lee, Ching-Shan and Molloi, Sabee and Hangiandreou, Nicholas and Kudva, Bakki V. and Melbye, Kenneth M., DESIGN OF A DIGITAL BEAM ATTENUATOR SYSTEM FOR CHEST RADIOGRAPHY., Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering, vol. 535 (1985), pp. 332 - 339 .

    The authors have been testing a digital beam attenuator (DBA) system for fabricating patient-specific compensating filters to improve image quality in chest radiography. At present, the technique is limited by a 2 hour attenuator fabrication time and a 2 mR exposure used to acquire an initial image from which the attenutor is designed. They now are developing an improved DBA system capable of generating, in a few seconds, patient-specific compensating filters for clinical chest radiography. The initial image will be acquired at less than 1 mR of skin exposure using an intensifying screen viewed by a low light-level television camera. Image processing including scatter and beam-hardening corrections generate a 64 multiplied by 64 matrix of values from which the attenuator is fabricated. After the attenuator is positioned automatically in the x-ray beam, a final image will be acquired directly on film.