Publications [#248496] of John E. Thomas

Papers Published
  1. Du, X; Zhang, Y; Petricka, J; Thomas, JE, Controlling spin current in a trapped Fermi gas., Physical Review Letters, vol. 103 no. 1 (July, 2009), pp. 010401 [19659125], [doi] .

    We study fundamental features of spin current in a very weakly interacting Fermi gas of 6Li. By creating a spin current and then reversing its flow, we demonstrate control of the spin current. This reversal is predicted by a spin vector evolution equation in energy representation, which shows how the spin and energy of individual atoms become correlated in the nearly undamped regime of the experiments. The theory provides a simple physical description of the spin current and explains both the large amplitude and the slow temporal evolution of the data. Our results have applications in studying and controlling fundamental spin interactions and spin currents in ultracold gases.