Publications [#264624] of Jungsang Kim

Papers Accepted
  1. Ryf, R; Bernasconi, P; Kolodner, P; Kim, J; Hickey, JP; Carr, D; Pardo, F; Bolle, C; Frahm, R; Basavanhally, N; Yoh, C; Ramsey, D; George, R; Kraus, J; Lichtenwalner, C; Papazian, R; Gates, J; Shea, HR; Gasparyan, A; Muratov, V; Griffith, JE; Prybyla, JA; Goyal, S; White, CD; Lin, MT; Ruel, R; Nijander, C; Arney, S; Neilson, DT; Bishop, DJ; Pau, S; Nuzman, C; Weis, A; Kumar, B; Lieuwen, D; Aksyuk, V; Greywall, DS; Lee, TC; Soh, HT; Mansfield, WM; Jin, S; Lai, WY; Huggins, HA; Barr, DL et al., Scalable wavelength-selective crossconnect switch based on MEMS and planar waveguides, European Conference on Optical Communication, ECOC, vol. 6 (2001), pp. 76-77 .

    A 72×72 wavelength-selective crossconnect switch that was scalable to 1296×1296 with available planar waveguide and MEMS technology, was demonstrated. Silica-on-silicon wavelength multiplexers with integrated monitoring taps and a MEMS micromirror array were assembled in a hybrid three dimensional beam steering crossconnects. The switch operated penalty free at 10 Gbit/s and provided integrated power monitoring taps.