Publications [#264631] of Jungsang Kim

Papers Accepted
  1. Kim, C; Knoernschild, C; Liu, B; Kim, J, Design and characterization of MEMS micromirrors for ion trap quantum computation, IEEE/LEOS International Conference on Optical MEMS and Their Applications Conference, 2006 (2006), pp. 96-97 .

    Quantum computation provides non-trivial advantages over classical computation, by enabling fundamentally more efficient algorithms for important problems like factoring and database search. Free space Gaussian beams controlled by MEMS micromirrors were proposed as a means to precisely address the ions on a chip. Here, we investigate the design space of such elements based on an existing ion-trap experimental setup and characterize their performance. This design approach can be readily adapted to meet the requirements for a variety of other trapped ion or neutral atom experiments