Publications [#264670] of Jungsang Kim

Papers Published
  1. Knoernschild, C; Kim, C; Liu, B; Lu, FP; Kim, J, MEMS-based optical beam steering system for quantum information processing in two-dimensional atomic systems., Optics Letters, vol. 33 no. 3 (February, 2008), pp. 273-275 [18246152] .

    To provide scalability to quantum information processors utilizing trapped atoms or ions as quantum bits (qubits), the capability to address multiple individual qubits in a large array is needed. Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) technology can be used to create a flexible and scalable optical system to direct the necessary laser beams to multiple qubit locations. We developed beam steering optics using controllable MEMS mirrors that enable one laser beam to address multiple qubit locations in a two-dimensional trap lattice. MEMS mirror settling times of approximately 10 micros were demonstrated, which allow for fast access time between qubits.