Publications [#264682] of Jungsang Kim

Papers Published
  1. Aksyuk, VA; Arney, S; Basavanhally, NR; Bishop, DJ; Bolle, CA; Chang, CC; Frahm, R; Gasparyan, A; Gates, JV; George, R; Giles, CR; Kim, J; Kolodner, PR; Lee, TM; Neilson, DT; Nijander, C; Nuzman, CJ; Paczkowski, M; Papazian, AR; Pardo, F; Ramsey, DA; Ryf, R; Scotti, RE; Shea, H; Simon, ME, 238 × 238 micromechanical optical cross connect, IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, vol. 15 no. 4 (2003), pp. 587-589 [LPT.2003.809261], [doi] .

    This letter describes a 238 × 238 beam-steering optical cross connect constructed using surface micromachined mirrors. Its innovative optical configuration resulted in superior optical performance, achieving a mean fiber-to-fiber insertion loss of 1.33 dB and a maximum insertion loss for all 56 644 connections of 2 dB.