Publications [#264684] of Jungsang Kim

Papers Accepted
  1. Kim, J; Bolle, CA; Boie, RA; Gates, JV; Ramirez, AG; Jin, S; Bishop, DJ, Integration and packaging of MEMS relays, Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering, vol. 4019 (2000), pp. 333-341 [12.382263] .

    Micromachined relays provide switching solutions that are advantageous over existing technology in many aspects of device performance. In order to fully benefit from the MEMS solution in switching, however, a general integration strategy to various integrated circuit (IC) electronics needs to be developed. We describe the design and test of such an integration scheme utilizing flip-chip bonding of MEMS relays onto another substrate carrying the remainder of the circuitry. Individual devices consist of cantilever-like mechanical structure carrying a mobile electrode that is electrostatically actuated. The presence of a second substrate in the flip-chip bonded geometry provides the unique possibility of placing electrostatic actuators on both sides of the cantilever, thereby allowing active turn-on and turn-off of the relay device. The fabricated relays show switching time as short as 10 μs, actuation voltages as low as 25 V, on-state DC resistance as low as 2 Ω and open-state DC resistance as large as 1013 Ω. The device is assembled and packaged using a single-step flip-chip bonding process. Upon flip-chip bonding, the MEMS devices are completely enclosed in a small cavity between the two substrates that is sealed by a ring-type solder seal. Such technique provides the opportunity for the integrated chip to be further packaged using conventional cost-effective packaging techniques.