Publications [#71359] of Jungsang Kim

Papers Accepted
  1. Ryf, R. and Neilson, D.T. and Kolodner, P.R. and Kim, J. and Hickey, J.P. and Carr, D. and Aksyuk, V. and Greywall, D.S. and Pardo, F. and Bolle, C. and Frahm, R. and Basavanhally, N.R. and Ramsey, D.A. and George, R. and Kraus, J. and Lichtenwalner, C. and Papazian, R. and Nuzman, C. and Weiss, A. and Kumar, B. and Lieuwen, D. and Gates, J. and Shea, H.R. and Gasparyan, A. and Lifton, V.A. and Prybyla, J.A. and Goyal, S. and Ruel, R. and Nijander, C. and Arney, S. and Bishop, D.J. and Giles, C.R. and Pau, S. and Mansfield, W.M. and Jin, S. and Lai, W.Y. and Barr, D.L. and Cirelli, R.A. and Bogart, G.R. and Teffeau, K. and Vella, R. and Ramirez, A. and Klemens, F.P. and Liu, J.Q. and Rosamilia, J.M. and Soh, H.T. and Lee, T.C., Multi-service optical node based on low-loss MEMS optical crossconnect switch, Optical Fiber Communications Conference. (OFC). Postconference Technical Digest (IEEE Cat. No.02CH37339), vol. vol.1 (2002), pp. 410 - 11 [OFC.2002.1036450] .

    In summary, a multi-service node based on an optical MEMS crossconnect switch with 1.33 dB mean loss has been demonstrated. While a simple 16-wavelength, channel-equalizing add/drop multiplexer was demonstrated as a possible node configuration, a broad range of new functions can be implemented by connecting conventional and different optical components to the low-loss crossconnect switch